Our tire services

From conducting tire pressure checks to putting new tires on your car, we can do it all. You can come to us for:

  • Tire inspections to check tread
  • Tire rotation to keep wear and tear even
  • Tire inflation to ensure the correct pressure
  • Tire repairs for patching holes and sealing leaks
  • Tire balancing to ensure proper weight distribution
  • Tire mounting and dismounting for installing new tires

No matter which services you need, we'll conduct a final inspection when we're done to make sure every tire is safe and functioning properly. Bring in your car today for tire rotation services.

Do you have low tire pressure?

Driving with low tire pressure is unsafe, so catching this issue before it worsens is essential. If you suspect you have low tire pressure, you may want to check for:

  • Worn-out tire treads
  • Changes in your gas mileage
  • Flapping noises while you drive
Of course, the best way to find out is to come in for a tire pressure check. The professionals at Oscar's Tires Service in Rockford, IL will check your tire pressure and examine your tires for any potential problems. Then, we'll let you know what we find and provide the services needed to get you back on the road safely. Visit us today if it's time for a tire pressure check.